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Engine Air Filter Replacement Service

One piece of routine maintenance that often slips through the cracks for some drivers is the replacement of their engine air filter. The service center at Westway Ford in Irving, TX, is here to tell you why changing your engine air filter is important and how we can provide this service for you.


New Ford F-150 Lease Deals

If you like the thought of driving a brand new Ford F-150, but you're not ready to fork over the cash for a new car, you'll be glad to know that there are other options available to drive your dream F-150 without draining your bank account.


Home Delivery

Our staff focuses on the experience that you have as a customer when visiting our Ford dealership. We strive to streamline the different processes at our dealership to make it hassle-free. Due to this, we now offer services that are designed at your convenience, opening up your day to more productive tasks. We'll help you save time by bringing you whatever vehicle or information you need.