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Dallas Zoo Presents: Safari Nights

Summertime is officially here and that means so is everyone's favorite Saturday evening event: Safari Nights at the Dallas Zoo! Held each weekend from June 13 to August 1, 2015, this premier Saturday night affair brings live music and entertainment to the Dallas Zoo. Suitable for all ages, Safari Nights welcomes locals to stop by and enjoy exciting musical performances and check out some of the zoo's wildest attractions.

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You Can Now Download & Build a 3D Replica of Your Favorite Ford Model

Ford is taking 3D printing to the next level by allowing their fans to now download digital files of their favorite models and build 3D miniature replicas in the comfort of their homes. The American automaker has officially opened their own online 3D Store, where car enthusiasts can choose to either download 3D-printable car files or purchase a professional 3D model for personal use.


Zombie 222: An 800 Horsepower All-Electric Mustang

When you typically think about electric cars, Ford Mustangs are not the vehicles that easily come to mind. These high-powered pieces of machinery generally spend their lifetime equipped with heavy-duty gasoline engines; however, there's a man in Austin, Texas who isn't keen on tradition, and to enhance his classic '68 Mustang, he decided to convert it into a speed demon, all-electric pony which he calls Zombie 222.