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Relax, it’s covered. It’s Ford Certified.

Only after passing a rigorous 172-point inspection is a pre-owned vehicle Ford certified, complete with limited warranty coverage and 24-Hour Roadside Assistance. Watch the video to learn more.


2019 Ford Mustang Model Review

The previous model year saw some major upgrades and changes, so Ford decided to keep it simple in 2019. One major piece of exciting news is the return of the classic Bullitt trim based on the iconic Mustang design from the 1969 movie of the same name.


Why Skipping Maintenance is Bad for your Car

Car ownership involves more than just driving your vehicle. You also have to keep up with things like keeping your car properly maintained. A lot of car owners slack off on vehicle maintenance, but this doesn't mean that this is a good thing to do. If you are a car owner, you must learn about the types of maintenance that your car needs and for you to keep up with this maintenance.