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Lone Star Youth Orchestra: 'Symphony at the Movies'

The Lone Star Youth Orchestra is proud to present "Symphony at the Movies," a concert performance paying tribute to some of the film world's greatest cinematic events. Scheduled to be held on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Irving Arts Center's Carpenter Hall, this one-night-only spectacle will take attendees on a journey through Hollywood, highlighting many of its best movie musical moments and famed blockbusters. A celebration of grand proportions, 'Symphony at the Movies" is one event you will want to attend this season.


Top Five Most Popular Ford Models Over the Years

Many Ford models have come and gone over the years, and while several have made an impact on the automotive industry, there's still a select few that greatly stand out from the pack. To give you an idea of which Ford models are true pioneers in the business, we've put together a list of the top five most popular Ford models in the company's history. From former models to those still in production today, this list is comprised of the best of the best that Ford has to offer.


Eight Ford Models Earn Edmunds Most Popular Awards

Ford ravaged the competition in this year's Most Popular Awards, receiving accolades for eight cars in its lineup. The Ford Transit, Transit Connect, F-150, Expedition, Explorer, Fiesta, Mustang and Shelby GT500 were each honored for their popularity on the trusted automotive site, surpassing many big competitors in each of their individual categories. Out of all the brands included in the awards, Ford was the biggest winner of the bunch, solidifying itself as Edmunds most popular automaker.